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Veronica Bianqui - Veronica Bianqui LP

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Veronica Bianqui - Veronica Bianqui LP
LA native, vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Veronica Bianqui integrates the raw energy of garage rock & power pop with the passion of classic soul and R&B, and the pop sensibilities of 60s girl groups.  Recorded by Grammy Award winning engineer Mark Rains (Tanya Tucker, Death Valley Girls, Alice Bag), and co-produced by Bianqui and Matt Adams (The Blank Tapes, Sugar Candy Mountain),

Bianqui’s long awaited debut album contains a collection of songs written over the past several years. These songs represent a previous version of herself, before profound external and internal changes had occurred in and around Bianqui’s world. This is why the album is more than just an album release - it is the release of a past life, of past struggles and pain, and old belief systems. If you look closely on the inner circle of the vinyl, there is a special inscription that encapsulates the whole feeling of what releasing this album and all Bianqui’s loss means. This album is the stepping stone into womanhood, the closing of a long long chapter, and a time capsule of who and what used to be.

The self-titled LP is being collaboratively released by PIAPTK Recordings, Wallflower Records, Science Project Records, and Almost Halloween Time (Europe). The Science Project Records version will be on random color vinyl. Ships the first week of December. 

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. If Love Is A Gun, I’m Better Off Dead
2. Fine
3. I Do Much Better
4. Stereo
5. Jet Plane

Side B

6. Victim
7. Sunday Cups
8. Don’t Love Me Blue
9. Aah, Paris...
10. I Want To Tell You

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